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Christmas carol Sing-along

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Price: R210

*** Show starts at 7pm ***

Christmas sing-along enthusiasts are urged and invited not to miss this annual joyous ride towards the spirit of Christmas. Many memorable traditional Christmas songs will be performed by the Festival choir, Festival Orchestra and hand- picked soloists. Richard Cock will let the bells ring loudly to sound the beginning of the festive times. Richard Cock has most certainly earned his stripes as a conductor and storyteller at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre. The audience is welcome to bring gifts or donations which will be handed to the chosen charity.

Kersfees saamsing aand. Kom en geniet `n heerlike aand in die geselskap van Richard Cock, uitgesoekte soliste en die jaarlikse feeskoor en feesorkes. `n Aand gevul met goeie tradisionele kersmelodieë, gemoedelikheid, samehorigheid en liefde. Die gehoor gaan heerlik saamsing en met grappige kersstories vermaak word deur RichardCock. Bring gerus `n geskenk of donasie vir die minder bevoorregtes. Dit sal op die aand aan die instansie oorhandig word.

Weihnachten und eine unendliche Schatzkiste von Weihnachtsliedern bringt immer eine Wunderwelt. Richard Cock und sein ausgesuchter Chor und feines Orchester machen sich ein Vergnügen daraus Weihnachtsmusik und Weihnachtserzählungen zu mischen. Ihnen gelingt es eine besondere Stimmung zu machen. Bringen Sie bitte ein Geschenk oder Spende mit. Das wird an dem Abend an ein ausgesuchtes Projekct zur Förderung von Kindern in Not überreicht.


Dozi and Friends

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R200

DOZI releases his first album in 1999 called “Mercy”. Since then his success story has been written in double platinum and gold.

Dozi is one of only a handful of unique Caucasian male South African singers, who is fully trilingual, Dozi became the missing link between Black and White South Africans when he was asked to perform traditional Afrikaans songs in Zulu on a popular Afrikaans television program called “Noot vir Noot”.

Not long after the release of his Zulu gospel album, Dozi released his first Afrikaans album titled: “Op Aanvraag” in 2000. The album becomes an immediate success and skyrockets to the top of the South African charts, selling over 100 000 units. This places Dozi firmly in the double platinum crowd. Dozi releases his next album: “Storm op die Horison” in December 2001. This album that contains a mixture of Afrikaans, English as well as Zulu tracks, and goes platinum. In February 2003 Dozi releases his 4th studio album called: “Siyaya – Ons Gaan” which achieves gold status within the first month of its release. Dozi receives platinum awards for both “Storm op die Horison” and “Siyaya – Ons Gaan” at the Aardklop festival that same year.

Dozi is ‘n populêre sanger en sing in Afrikaans, Engels en Zulu. Sy talle Cd’s het platinum en goue status. Sy rasperstem gee mens hoendervleis en die woorde van sy liedere laat mens diep nadink en droom. Dozi is vir die eerste keer op die Oude Libertas verhoog om deel te wees van die vakansie joligheid en plesier.

Dozi ist ein Sänger der auf Zulu , Afrikaans und Englisch lebenslustig und spontan singt. Seine Band hat die besten Musikanten und seine CD’s und Musik hat Platinum und Gold Status. Spitzenklasse!


EMO & Take Note band

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R200

Returning this summer Emo Adams and his band Take Note get ready to bring you loads of laughs, toe tapping moments and an all round good time. Bring your family and little ones and enjoy this dynamic, diverse and comic stage personality. Emo is a unique package of multi-talents all in one!

EMO en sy orkes TAKE NOTE sorg altyd vir verhoogvertonings wat passievol, hartstogtelik, vurig en onvoorspelbaar snaaks is en wat gehore oor die jareheen laat skater. Kom, bring jou gesin en beleef opnuut weer hierdie joligekunstenaar wat sommer in ‘n jap –trap die kersfees “blues” verdryf.


Zolani Mahola – Rok&Rol

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R220

ZOLANI MAHOLA – ROK & ROL Contemporary Music With Zolani Mahola, Schalk Joubert (bass guitar), Albert Frost (guitar) and Kevin Gibson (drums) Director: Schalk Joubert Zolani Mahola is one of South Africa’s mostbeloved and successful female stars. She is best known as the lead singer for Freshly Ground. In the production Rok & Rol she sets out to honor the role and influence of women in the world of rock & roll. Fantastic international icons like Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Alanis Morisette local women like Miriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie are being hailed. A team of world-class musicians embraces this inspiring and moving journey to tell the story of how women made their stand in this initially male-dominated industry. Mahola’s impressive and diverse singing talent combined with her contagious stage personality will not leave any listener untouched.

ZOLANI MAHOLA – ROK & ROL en SA se top musikante , Schalk Joubert (bass kitaar), Albert Frost (kitaar) en Kevin Gibson (dromme) , vermaak met ‘n flambojante vertoning geïnspireer deur internasionale ikone soos Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Alanis Morisette en SA ikone Miriam Makeba en Brenda Fassie. Haar aangrypende interpretasies van die musiek vou mens toe met warmte en liefde.

Zolani Mahola ist eine sehr beliebte Sängerin vor allem bekannt als Hauptsängerin der Gruppe ,Freshly Ground. In der Vorführung Rok & Rol wird die bekannte Musik von den Super Stars wie Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Alanis Morisette,Miriam Makeba und Brenda Fassie gesungen.

Zolani wird unterstützt vor einer hervorragende Band.


Ike Moriz Swing Band

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R220

The famous IKE MORIZ SWING BAND returns to Oude Libertas Amphitheatre from their sold out ’Millennium Hits Tour 2018’ in Germany with a new ‘best of’ CD (hits from Ike Moriz’s 18 CDs). Ike has selected well-suited songs from his albums as well as popular classics of the swing and pop genres to create an unforgettable evening under the stars with hits like Dean Martin’s ‘Sway’, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, Sinatra’s ‘New York New York’ and Moriz’s ‘Love Swings’ and ’To Cape Town’. The widely acclaimed international singer and actor (18 albums on iTunes, cameos in movies such as ‘Love Actually’, ‘Alfie’, etc.) has recently toured 11 European countries and continues to enthuse audiences worldwide with his brand of melodic swing, blues and pop. Based in Cape Town, Ike is from Germany and received 2 music degrees studying in Dresden, Rotterdam and Cape Town. He last sang at the amphitheatre in March with his sold out ‘swing band hits show’. Ike is a handsome singing sensation and a most exciting crooner. He is dynamic and engaging in his live performances and these aspects are certain to make for another delightful and highly enjoyable evening of great entertainment. The IKE MORIZ SWING BAND consists of some of SA’s most accomplished musicians*: Amanda Tiffin on grand piano, Alvin Dyers on electric guitar, Valentino Europa on double bass, Ivan Bell on drums and Willie van Zyl on saxophone and clarinet.

Watch excerpts from their last show here: or see Ike performing with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra here:

More info on

“Moriz sounds like a star… huge pop arrangements and songs with giant gold hooks.” (Amazon UK)
“His rock/indie sound is acoustic and edgy but still made for easy listening!” (Cosmopolitan)
“Upbeat & uplifting, strong vocals & timeless melodies” (The New Age)
“..This cat writes a fine tune. Listen to it when wearing velvet and drinking martinis!” (FHM)
“The rich resonance of his voice makes Michael Buble’s seem rather thin… Comparisons with the great Tony Bennett are inevitable, Ike Moriz performing swing is that good!” (FULL CIRCLE MAGAZINE)
“Ike Moriz is a true musician. Only a handful of artists can switch genres as effortlessly as Ike does… I am officially dubbing Ike’s voice ‘The Crown Jewel of South Africa’ ” (IAE Magazine, Atlanta, USA)

Die berühmte IKE MORIZ SWING BAND kehrt von ihrer ausverkauften “Millennium Hits Tour 2018” in Deutschland zurück zum Oude Libertas Amphitheater mit einer neuen Best of CD (Hits von Ike Morizs 18 CDs). Ike hat passende Songs seiner Alben sowie populäre Klassiker der Swing- und Popgenres ausgewählt, um mit Hits wie Dean Martins “Sway”, John Lennon’s “Imagine”, Sinatra’s “New York New York” und Moriz’s “Love Swings” und “To Cape Town” einen unvergesslichen Abend unter den Sternen zu kreieren. Der international gefeierte Sänger und Schauspieler (18 Alben bei iTunes, Schauspielrollen in Filmen wie “In Sachen Liebe/Love Actually”, “Alfie”, etc.) tourte kürzlich durch 11 europäische Länder und begeistert weltweit seine Zuschauer mit melodischem Swing, Blues und Pop. Mit Wohnsitz in Kapstadt kommt Ike aus Deutschland und erhielt 2 Musikdiploma in Dresden, Rotterdam und Kapstadt. Zuletzt sang er im Amphitheater im März mit seiner verkauften ‘Swing Band Hits Show’. Ike ist ein charmanter und sensationeller Sänger sowie ein toller Crooner. Er ist dynamisch und engagiert in seinen Live-Auftritten und diese Aspekte werden zweifellos wieder zu einem schönen und unterhaltsamen Abend mit großem Entertainment beitragen. Die IKE MORIZ SWING BAND besteht aus einigen der erfolgreichsten Musikern Südafrika’s: Amanda Tiffin am Flügel, Alvin Dyers an der E-Gitarre, Valentino Europa am Kontrabass, Ivan Bell am Schlagzeug und Willie van Zyl am Saxophon und an der Klarinette.

Sieh dir hier Auszüge aus ihrer letzten Show an: oder sieh Ike mit dem Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra hier: im NDR (Deutsches Fernsehen):

Mehr Infos auf



8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R240

“When in doubt say darling” – a new entertainment with Pieter-Dirk Uys and other darlings.

After a sold-out season at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Studio and the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, the newest Pieter-Dirk Uys show will be presented at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre.

Sometimes politics repeats itself, not only taking history and turning it into farce, but taking farce and turning into the fake news which is now called entertainment. Pieter-Dirk Uys is sorting out 40 years of distress, disguise and disgust: from apartheid to tripartite, from amandla to Nkandla – and happily back to amandla. In the boxes are wigs, glasses, wagging fingers, toyi-toyis, red berets, trump cards of madness, icons and aikonas, from Bezuidenhouts, Raubenheimers and Ramaphosas to Altzheimers. See PW Botha impersonate Jacob Zuma! Witness Dr Piet Koornhof solve the Brexit stand-off! Celebrate the appearances of Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Nowell Fine and Evita Bezuidenhout!

At a time when a casual greeting or embrace can be seen as racist or harassment, the advice is simple: when in doubt say darling. If you can’t remember their names, just say darling. If you get lost along the road to somewhere, simply ask for Darling. He did it, and now Pieter-Dirk Uys also lives in Darling. Join him and many darlings on an exciting walk through this new minefield of hashtags and hate speech to the edge of the next cliff of crisis, when the end of the world seems nigh. It also used to be called a sunset, but here’s a secret: the sun will also rise tomorrow, darling.


‘You laugh gently with this figure, who slips chameleonically through eras and identities, but you also sober up and acknowledge that the turning over of decades had rendered Uys an important elder of the theatre community. A unique and irreplaceable one. And this reason, as well as all the others, makes it unequivocally a work to cherish.’ – Robyn Sassen / My View / 24.4.2018

When in doubt say darling helps you to smile at what is happening in our country and realizing: it is your state of mind, your own sense of having fun, and finding the dark comedy and satire in many real-life situations that keeps us going. Strongly recommended. And when in doubt, just buy a ticket.’ –  Leon van Nierop / What’s on in Joburg / 24.2.2018

‘Pieter-Dirk Uys can be described as the gift that keeps on giving. A one-man artist who has perfected his craft, Uys has a wonderful rapport with his audience, punctuating his stories with some naughty asides and infectious laughter. There is still plenty of life in this ‘old’ man and may he remain the satirical genius he had proven to be.’ – Peter Feldman / Artslink / 5.4.2018

‘Pieter-Dirk Uys and the satire that kept a country laughing. Watching him on stage is always an experience. All the more reason to see it live.’ – Masego Panyane / Star Tonight / 17.4. 2018

‘Charming, chilling and confrontational Mr Uys. He understands he has a broader horizon behind him than ahead and he dusts off old targets to remind audiences that bad politics easily reinvents itself as a democratic solution. He offers audiences an opportunity to laugh at their fears, to confront fear, to understand it and prevent it from winning. Courage, honesty, compassion, healthy anger, information, respect and maybe a talent to amuse, are his keys to success.’ – Diane de Beer / Business Day / 27.3.2018

‘Once again Uys inspires because he is in familiar territory with rolled up sleeves. He is not yet done with his beloved country and its people. Uys always works with humour, a deep insight and compassion without mincing words.’ –  Laetitia Pople / Die Burger (translated) / 31.3 2018

‘Providing both commentary of the past 24 years of us being a democracy, as well as observing South Africans in all our wackiness, don’t be surprised if Uys eventually outlives us all.’ –  Steyn du Toit / Business Day / 30 3.2018

‘Magical moments in a life well-lived. Good stuff, Mr Uys!’ –  Lesley Stones / Daily Maverick / 2.4.2018



8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

R190-R 230

After more than 500 000 online views and a performance on Table Mountain the four daring pianists who brought you 40 Fingers will be back with a brand new show. On 2 February 40 Fingers Vol. 2 will feature the talents of Charl du Plessis, Albie van Schalkwyk, Pieter Grobler and Elna van der Merwe with new arrangements for 8 hands on one and two pianos. Favourites like Rondo alla Turka, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 and jazz and pop hits like  “In the Mood, All of Me and The Girl from Ipanema” will delight audiences in dazzling new arrangements by Charl du Plessis.

Die 8 talentvolle hande van Charl du Plessis, Pieter Grobler, Elna van der Merwe en Albie van Schalkwyk speel opwindende klaviermusiek van Rondo alla Turka, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 sowel as jazz en pop hits soos “In the Mood, All of Me en The Girl from Ipanema .Die musiek word spesiaal verwerk vir hierdie opvolgkonsert en beloof om `n  selfs meer opwindend te wees as die oorspronklike 40 Vingers!

40 Finger Volume 2. Vier ausgezeichnete Pianisten Charl du Plessis, Pieter Grobler, Elna van der Merwe und Albie van Schalkwyk spielen die bezauberende Musik von Rondo alla Turka, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 und Jazz und Pop Hits wie “In the Mood, All of Me und The Girl from Ipanema”. 40 Finger spielen fantastisch deshalb sind sie zurück!


Andrew Young – Saxman

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R240

In Andrew Young’s new show SAXMAN he brings together every Saxophone classic you can think of.

Demonstrating decades of Saxophone influenced hits such as Careless Whisper, Tequila, the Iconic theme from Pink Panther, The Girl From Ipanema, Just The Two Of Us, Will You, Morning Dance, Unforgettable, Take 5 And Baker Street.

The Liverpool Born saxophonist Andrew Young with his unique brand of humour and showmanship, together with his brilliant band of International Musicians will once again grace the stage at the Oude Libertas for what will surely be another night to remember and one where you’re sure to leave with a smile on your face.

Andrew’s live show is an eclectic mix of energy and music that always leaves audiences uplifted, inspired and asking for more. His inimitable sound and style will ensure you will leave with a smile on your face.


Die berühmte AndrewYoung kehrt wieder zurück zum Oude Libertas Amphitheater mit einer neuen Vorführung SAXMAN, mit Weltbekannten Saxophon Hits. Es wird ein unvergesslicher Abend unter den Sternen. Der international gefeierte Saxophon Spieler begeistert weltweit seine Zuschauer mit melodischem und musikalischem Zauber. Jedesmal ist das Konzert ausgebucht! Erwischen Sie zeitig Ihre Karten.


Drie van die Bestes

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R230 – Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Nov 2018

Danie Niehaus, Mathys Roets en Kevin Leo haal treffer-liedjies uit ’n musikale skatkis van twee dekades. Hulle stof oues af en durf nuwes aan en word vir hierdie vertoning begelei deur pianis, Matthys Maree. Dis ’n viering van drie goeie vriende se twintig jaar saam in die musiekbedryf. ’n Aand van lekker lag en goeie musiek!

’n Optog!-produksie in samewerking met King Price Insurance.


Ella Fitzgerald A CENTURY IN SONG

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R230

The Jazz world recently celebrated the magnificent Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday. The First Lady of Song is still widely remembered every day through her prolific discography that brings joy to millions of jazz fan all over the world. She is widely acclaimed as one of the best female singers in history with a timeless repertoire.

Join SAMA winner Anna Davel and the delightful Sima Mashazi (recently starring in Miriam Makeba: the musical) in this swinging tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, presenting the timeless songs that she made her own, including “I got Rhythm”, “Ain’t got that swing”, “Can’t take that away from me”, “Cheek to Cheek”, and “Summertime.”


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