Distell Foundation

The Distell Foundation, housed at the Oude Libertas Centre in Stellenbosch, is an umbrella body for Distell’s corporate social investment activities. Our Corporate Social Investment programme which operates under the Distell Foundation focuses on the general well-being of South African communities, beginning with unborn children and extending into adulthood. Of the four key areas that we focus on, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder (FASD) and Youth Development are the most important. Common to all the initiatives in which we invest, is the intention to contribute holistically to personal growth within communities, embracing mindful and responsible living and conservation.

The Foundation’s approach is to:

  • Support social investment initiatives which create value for both the business and the community
  • Aim to find solutions to social problems that are scalable and self-sustainable
  • Contribute towards the prosperity of a stable democratic South Africa for all

Our social investment and performance efforts aim to minimise and mitigate the possible harmful impact on society caused by the company’s operations by investing in a variety of initiatives linked to prevention and the harmful impact of alcohol abuse.

We thus invest in programmes focusing on the prevention of Feotal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Youth Development, Job Creation and Entrepreneurship supported by Arts and Culture initiatives.

Read more by visiting: https://www.distell.co.za/corporate-responsibility/foundation/about/