Afromenco CH2 & CITO & Spanish Dancers

Afromenco CH2 & CITO & Spanish Dancers

8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Price: R220


CH2 has been top of the musical ladder for the past eighteen years inSouth Africa. Winner of multiple SAMA and Ghoema awards, they Have produced 11 Albums including the best selling and Grammy entry “PING” and their most recent offering Insomnia – The Chapel Master.

With their flawless, effortless technique and pulsating rhythms they showcase what can be done on only two guitars, classical guitars, and create a very exciting instrumental pop sound whilst mimicking drum sounds and bass guitar all at the same time. CH2 has truly developed their own style unique to the band and continues to blow people away with their virtuosity. The members of CH2 keep challenging themselves with new techniques every day and see themselves as pioneers of the classical guitar, pushing the instrument intogenres it is not known for.

In a ninety minute high energy musical fiesta, CH2 will join forces with singer, Cito, best known for being the frontman for one of South Africa’s longest existing rock bands, WONDERboom.

Cito has also showcased his vocal diversity by starring in a number of high-profile musical theatre productions, the first being cast as Jesus of Nazareth in “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 2006. “Chess, The Musical”, headline vocalist in Sean Bovim’s “Queen at the Ballet”.

This production AFROMENCO creates a unique sound and sensory experience for all music lovers.

Dieses Konzert darf nicht verpaßt werden. Spitzenklasse!!!

CH2 Diese zwei hervorragende Künster sind ganz oben auf der Top Liste aller Musiker. Jedez Konzert wird verlängert da die Zugaben einfach nicht aufhören! Für das Oude Libertas Konzert haben sie auch noch einen tollen charmanten Sänger- CITO und Spanische Tänzer eingeladen.