Spanish Fire Presents - "OLÈ"

Spanish Fire Presents – “OLÈ”

8:15 pm - 9:45 pm

Price: R220/R250



Spanish Fire under the STARS! The magical, world-class combination of the legendary guitar duo CH2 and the phenomenal talents of the The Montoya Spanish Dancers are set to BURN the stage with their virtuoso artistry. Spanish hits of the Gypsy Kings, own compositions of CH2 as well as international and South African artists will be heard.

A show for the WHOLE family to end off an AMAZING 2019!

CH2 has been on top of the musical ladder for the past 19 years in South Africa. Winner of multiple SAMA and Ghoema awards, they have produced 12 Albums including the best selling and Grammy entry “PING”and their most recent offering STARSTRUCK.

With their flawless, effortless technique and pulsating rhythms they showcase what can be done on only two guitars, classical guitars, and create a very exciting instrumental-pop sound whilst mimicking drum sounds and bass guitar all at the same time. CH2 has truly developed their own style unique to the band and continues to blow people away with their extreme virtuosity and speed. The members of CH2 keep challenging themselves with new techniques every day and see themselves as pioneers of the classical guitar, pushing the instrument into genres it is not known for.

Spaanse treffers van die Gypsy Kings soos Volarè, komposisies van die pen van CH2 asook stukke van top internasionale en Suid-Afrikaanse kunstenaars sal gehoor word. `n Vertoning vir die HELE familie met vlam voete, verbeisterende kitaar passasies en vele humor vanaf die verhoog – dit beloof `n vertoning wat NIE vergeet sal word nie.

CH2 – zwei imponierende Kitarren Musiker werden mit einem Spanischem Musikprogram voller Feuer und Temprament imponieren. Dieses Program wird zum ersten Mal in der Kap Umgebung gespielt und war überal im Norden ausverkauft! i Bitte zeitig vorbuchen! Feuerblasen/essen; Tänzer und gute Laune ist mit im Program.