8:15 pm - 10:00 pm

This show has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

DNA Strings return to the stage in Stellenbosch`s beloved Oude Libertas open theatre for a reunion show fifteen years after their unique style first emerged in the Boland town. Their performances moved from background music at functions and weddings, to the incredibly energetic shows they became known for. In their seven year career, they recorded three studio albums and a Live DVD, and performed at venues all over South Africa, as well as international appearances, among others the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the UKKasie Afrikaans music festival in the Royal Albert Hall.

Their mix of Flamenco, Irish and African sounds captivated audiences of all ages and always left a lasting impression. The show promises to be exactly that – memorable, energetic, and magical – consisting of all their favorites from their touring days.

DNA Strings, se energieke instrumentale manier van musiek maak is asof mens ‘n inspuiting kry en opnuut die lus vir die lewe beleef!

Die mengsel van Flamenco, Ierse and Afrika klanke laat die gehoor uit hulle hande eet. ‘n mens sit vasgevang in genot en opwinding as mens na die spul luister. Dit bly mens by lank nadat mens terugkeer na die gewone gang van die lewe. Kom kry jou inspuiting!

DNA STRINGS spielt eine Vermischung zwischen Flamenco, Afrika und Irland. Seht rhythmisch, sehr energisch und mit viel Enthusiasmus wird musiziert. Man brauch keine Sprache zu verstehen nur mittanzen und Füße stampfen kommt von selber. Bitte nicht verpassen. Sie bekommen eine Spritze von Energie, Positivität uns Lebenslust ohne stechen und Pein.