Swing de France

Swing de France

6:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Price: R250/R280


Stanislav Angelov and Sharena Sol Orchestra present: Swing de France.

Not be missed! One performance only!

When? On 2020/02/02 or 02/02/2020 (on one of the few palindrome dates during 21 century)!

You do not need to book a flight to Paris – but instead book your tickets for “Swing de France” at Oude Libertas Amphitheater and let this group of Cape Town’s top 5 musicians take you on a journey to places and times.

You’d be sitting under the Stellenbosch stars and sipping Stellenbosch grown wine but you’d be feeling like you are sitting next to the Eiffel Tower at a Paris Café.

Valse Musette (also known as French Café music in South Africa), Gypsy Jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, music of Richard Galliano, Jazz standards and more.

And all played “French style”… Sous le ciel de Paris, La vie en rose, Minor Swing, Swing Gitan and more…

  • Stanislav Angelov – Accordion
  • Dave Ledbetter – Guitar & Piano
  • Petrus de Beer – Violin
  • Charles Lazar – Double Bass
  • Lilavan Gangen – Drums

Die Franzosen haben eine unendliche Schatzkiste von Kompositionen . Stanislav mit seinem Sharena Sol Orchestra verzaubern diese Musiek im Frensh Cafe Stil. Ihnen gelingen Kompositionen von besonderer Schönheit und unwechselbarem Stil , mit Klavier, Geige , Accordion, Bass und Trommel.

Sous le ciel de Paris, La vie en rose, Minor Swing, Swing Gitan und viel mehr sind auf dem Program in dieser Französichen Wunderwelt