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livingit_logoLivingIt challenges, inspires and trains youth 12 – 28 years of age to make short films, inspiring collective transformation. We provide a local and global platform for the end product.

We use film as:

  • An instrument for social change;
  • A way to build bridges between different social layers in our society, pairing learners from different backgrounds for training;
  • An agent for  transformation of participants;
  • Training and skills development.

LivingIt links previously disadvantaged youths with organisations sponsoring tertiary studies.

Visit the Ubuntu Teen Film Festival channel on YouTube for more videos →

2-schools pairing

Two schools with learners from vastly different backgrounds are chosen to participate in this unique opportunity during which youngsters are guided to write a script, direct, act in and produce a short movie for the next annual Ubuntu Teen Film Festival.
Sixteen learners (eight from each school) is trained, usually on the premises of CityVarsity, during the first or third school term. Six weekly sessions, usually on Friday afternoons, take place from 3-6pm. This is followed by a 2-day movie shoot starting on the last day of school, with a sleepover evening in between.  A last lecture in editing at CityVarsity concludes this part of the process.

Last Import - 023Our facilitators guide this group to produce a short movie. The aim of this process is promote a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Ubuntu and Unity in diversity across social and other boundaries, bonding learners from very different backgrounds and open their minds to each other’s worlds. At the same time a valuable training is given in script writing, directing,  acting for camera and editing.

We address the mind-set that created our crumbling society in the first place. We believe if this is not addressed, we as a society will keep wasting resources with no results.

ubuntu teen film festival

  • Annual Ubuntu Teen Film Festival in June
  • Annual  Artscape screening in August
  • Regular screenings on Cape Town TV
  • Adjudicators from Cape Winelands Film Festival
  • Facilitators from CityVarsity
  • Exposure in JIP (Media 24)
  • Global exposure through YouTube
  • Global exposure through other festivals ( Boston, Edinburg, London and Toronto.)

 kzn project

DSC_0589Ten short films were produced in the rural areas of Kwa Zulu Natal during the 3rd term of 2012. The Film Project ran over nine and a half weeks. We visited eight schools, one of them twice.

Movies covered a wide range of relevant topics such as sexual abuse, lack of text books, bullying, poverty and HIV Aids. Their simple structure and powerful impact lent them to the possible use in an educational kit which is to be spread in schools by the department of education.

The official outcome of the project was to teach underprivileged learners filmmaking techniques and allow them the opportunity to produce their own movies. This was done to empower them, especially the girls, boost their self-esteem and give them an experience of something they had never tried before.